For whether you offer well, or whether you do not, at the tent flap sin crouches and for you is its longing, but you will rule over it.

Scapegoat is a mixed media horror comic that split into small, easily digestable chunks.
It features death, gore, violence, homophobia, full nudity, mentions of abuse, animal death, filth and vomit.
specific content warnings for ementophobia will be present on the page prior to the offending material.
Scapegoat will NOT contain depictions of rape or any kind of explicit sexual activity. Sexual assault is not horror fodder. learn to fucking write.
I will not put content warnings for gore or nudity. its a fucking horror comic. go read paranatural or some shit i dont care.

Background tile designed by @Nefelegy on instagram. THEY ALSO DID A BUNCH OF THE CODE thnk u Nef i love u 4ever:) Read their comic here >